Monday, August 9, 2010

When Should You Send Press Releases?

From Business Wire:

A poll findsTuesday mornings are the best time to send a press release, according to 215 professional communicators. The data reinforces longstanding advice on the topic. For decades we’ve told clients that the best time to send a press release is “early in the day, early in the week.” Of course the general disclaimer “It depends” applies here, as the timing of any press release is subject to the nature of the news, goals of that release, the news of the day, and other variables. That said, we’ll resist the urge to say “I told you so,” and enjoy the fleeting affirmation of having PR Peeps confirm our sage advice. This poll was a challenge to analyze, as it was the first time we asked an open-ended question. In retrospect, we could have done a better job framing the survey, as responses ranged from time of day, to day of week, to general musings such as “when you have news to announce” or “you’re the experts–you tell us!” That said, the single most common answer, with 135 votes, was “mornings” or a variation thereof, such as “before noon” or “before 10 AM.” The second biggest vote getter, with 71 votes, was Tuesdays or a variation, such as “Tues. – Thursday.” Below are the details, as best we can present them. When’s the Best Time to Send a Press Release?- Tuesdays–71, or 53%- Mondays –16, or 7 %- Mornings–135, or 63%- 10 AM–17, or 8%.

As mentioned above, the numbers don’t add up to 215, since many people answered with multiple recommendations such as “about 10 AM, Mon – Thursday” while others answered in unique and difficult-to-quantify ways. The numbers above are our best reflection of the data. We apologize for the lack of scientific approach here–any market researchers who want to pile on with advice, please email me at To those who participated, thank you–-and how about helping with our next PR Peeps Poll: Do You Tweet the Links to Your Press Release? This poll is back to multiple choice. Business Wire

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