Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Twist on Looking Your Best

People often ask me what are the best clothes to wear in front of the camera. That's an important question. But one that I expect to hear more of is, "Should I get 'a little work done' before I am interviewed?"

As someone who got an extreme makeover every time I went to work for a different TV station, I can talk about makeup techniques and good hair. Since I started in this business nearly 30 years ago, I have learned tricks from makeup artists, stylists and colleagues who participated in beauty pageants. But it was a speaking colleague who took me aside three years ago and suggested I would benefit from Botox. She even offered her dermatologist's name and number. I took her advice and have had "a little work" done in the years since. My husband and mother could tell right away. Another observant close friend was horrified that I'd done such a thing. And another close friend didn't notice. If anyone else could tell, they didn't mention it. But I liked the results and felt more confident. I thought I looked well-rested, not necessarily younger. So, I recommend this to men and women alike to look your best. But consider these thoughts:

1. It can be expensive and painful. Ask about costs and numbing techniques up front.
2. Only go to a dermatologist or other medical doctor. A dermatologist can give you prescription for a retinol cream which can make your skin glow.
3. Do NOT have any work done less than two weeks before an on-camera appearance. As careful as a doctor is, you can have side effects, which include bruising.
4. Ask your friends of a certain age who look "well rested" if they can make a recommendation for a doctor.
5. Have realistic expectations.
6. Botox lasts 3-6 months. Fillers can last as long as a year. Nothing is permanent.

This whole idea may horrify you, like it did my friend. It's certainly not a requirement to being an on-camera newsmaker. But if every time you look in the mirror, you tell yourself you're not aging well, this may be a solution to try at least once. Some of us look older than we are and only want to look our age. Again, this may be a solution.

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