Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Soundbite Coach

1. You have no idea what a soundbite is.

2. You have never been interviewed before and now, a journalist or talk show host has scheduled time to talk with you.

3. You have been interviewed before... and you bombed.

4. You need an objective journalist to tell you if your interviews are logical, compelling and effective.

5. You cannot think of acceptable answers to reporters other than, "#@*?!!*."

6. You seek publicity to build awareness for a new product, service, book or cause, and your messages are getting no traction.

7. You want insurance against a crisis.

8. You have a high-stakes presentation scheduled.

9. You have received unflattering attention in social or news media.

10. You know your employees are not hearing you. You want shorter, stickier taglines to change the culture.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Using the Right Words with Workers

This is from my friend Anne Bruce, who quoted me in her book, Speak for a Living. It was so good that I'm recommending her new book without even reading it. Here are details:

Fast, Easy-to-Use, Instant Plans and Tools on How to Develop and Coach Others, Brand Talent and Grow Employees to Their Greater Potential!

Click here to go directly to for more info about the book...

My newest book release, Perfect Phrases for Employee Development Plans, was published and released by McGraw-Hill 3 weeks ahead of schedule!

This book has been called a powerful tool for leaders at all levels who want to have instant access to planning, tips and tools for employee development, branding talent and grooming people for advancement, while pinpointing people's strengths and motivating global talent pools.
This is not just a "how-to" book, but a "what-to-do" book!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Does Service Have to Do With the Media?

On Independence Day, it's appropriate to blog about customer service. You see, in America, we all have the freedom to start our own business. But that doesn't mean we're good at it or deserve positive publicity.

Recently, I've been a survivor of horrible customer service on home repairs costing thousands of dollars. Don't you think if I'm spending that kind of money, I have the right to be treated with courtesy? Unfortunately, that is not one of the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

Fortunately, I do, by the blessing of being born in the USA, have the right to free speech. And I will exercise that freedom to tell everyone I know about the horrible service and lack of respect I received by a small business based in Georgia. (Please send me a comment or email if you want the name of this foundation repair company). I have posted on Facebook, Tweeted, been re-Tweeted and even mentioned the name of this terrible company on my radio show.

So the lesson here is to offer outstanding customer service! You may not get positive publicity right away, but you will go viral if you treat clients poorly. People will let others know not to use you. Then, instead of just unhappy customers to worry about, you may have to learn about crisis communications.

In my case, I think the offensive company is too stupid to even know that it's being discussed over the Internet and on a radio network. Businesses like this should fail. They do not represent the best America has to offer.