Sunday, July 14, 2013

Attention to Detail

I've taken a part-time job reporting in Phoenix, and I love it! For the most part, the newsmakers I've interviewed on camera have done a decent job making their points.

Here are three steps they've taken that have served them well:

1. Attire - Whether it is a CEO, attorney, entrepreneur or scientist whom I've interviewed, all dressed like you might imagine a person in that role would. This is good, not to reinforce stereotypes, but because you don't want to distract the audience.

2. Cooperation - When you're a part-timer, your schedule is not always flexible. The newsmakers have been accommodating and have also helped me make contacts with other people who could be a resource for the story.

3. Authenticity - The newsmakers have come across as genuine and honest, even though their issues might not be popular with the public.

What could they do better:

1. Don't be nervous - an investigative reporter would take this as a sign that they have something to hide and go for the jugular.

2. Keep answers short - long, rambling responses make it difficult to follow and will get edited.

Learn more from television newsmakers by watching and analyzing for yourself who resonates and why.