Saturday, September 25, 2010

News Anchor Barbie

I hate that I want to buy her. And I hate that I want to look like her. If I did, maybe I would've gotten more TV jobs. Seeing her reminds me of the News Director who told me, "You were our second choice. We made our decision for cosmetic reasons."

I hate what she does for the stereotype of journalists. The news industry is already has a crisis of goodwill and reputation. Will the fact that this Barbie is so perfect reinforce the idea that broadcasting is only a looks-based business?

What does she mean for people who want to be newsmakers?

  • Look your best.
  • Don't buy into the stereotype of "dumb blonde" - the woman interviewing you may be blonde, but chances are she is not dumb. We all know smart, beautiful people.
  • Don't base your news-watching preferences on looks. If so, you're buying into the idea that we all need to look like Barbie--or Ken--to be credible.

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