Saturday, August 14, 2010

Being Gracious

Recently, a woman came to our studio to record an interview that would be played on the radio station later in the week. She was nervous and wanted to read her answers. When guests do this, it sounds like they're reading and doesn't showcase them in their best light. However, because her cause was so relevant, we took extra care and time with her and managed to get a soundbite or two that did air.

I was prepared to receive a call from her expressing disappointment about the brevity of the piece that aired. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got a voicemail that said something like this, "Thank you for airing part of our interview. I hope you'll broadcast part two when you get a chance. And I'm available anytime to talk more about this project."

We had no intention of airing any more of the interview. And I probably won't call her again unless she somehow lets me know that she has done something to improve her performance in front of microphones ( Media Coaching?, but take a cue from the pleasant call. Being gracious always helps reporters remember you in a positive light.

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