Saturday, October 4, 2008

Opportunities Lost

If a reporter or talk show producer calls you, respond immediately. In this age of Blackberries, voicemail, smart phones and more, there is no excuse for waiting hours to return calls or emails... that is if you're serious about getting publicity.

One reason to get back at once is that your story may be topical or timely for that moment or day only, and if you let time go by, the producer could change his or her mind about wanting to interview you.

The scheduler may have had a hole to fill and was desperate. Your pitch wasn't that great, so when you finally got back to the coordinator, she had made other plans and was not interested in scheduling you for a future program. Or maybe she didn't trust you to get back to her in a timely fashion, so she doesn't want to risk working with you.

In a crisis situation, not getting back to the caller usually leads to your side of the story not being addressed in a news article or report. So if you ignore the press, you're likely to hear or read that you "were unavailable for comment" or "did not return our calls."

Don't bypass an opportunity by waiting.

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