Sunday, October 5, 2008

Confirming an Interview

A talk show will typically send a confirmation notice to you by email or fax when you have agreed on a date to appear. These notices may tell you what colors to wear (if it's a TV show), what the producer or host needs from you and what numbers to call or where to go at what time.

If you get a confirmation without that information, here is an appropriate response:

"I'm looking forward to the interview on (name of show). To help (name or names of hosts) prepare, I'm attaching suggested questions and my bio. Here are my landline phone and backup cell numbers if you need to reach me. What else do you need?"

Other items programs may want include:

  • Photos
  • Video
  • Copies of your book, CD or DVD
  • Giveaways to callers
  • Bullet point information for full-screen graphics

Give the contact person every thing exactly as he or she is asking for it. Don't say, "You can get what you want on my website." If you are cooperative, you will be remembered in a positive way.

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