Monday, March 21, 2011

Ten Soundbite Coach Tweets

If you're not tweeting, you may be missing a chance to reach some in your prospective audience. I've shared some good stuff, personal stuff and now-dated tweets on my account @soundbitecoach.

Here is a compilation of helpful hints. And remember you always get new and different advice when you subscribe to the Media Savvy eTips. Just send an email to Lorri -at sign- Soundbite Coach - dot- com and put "subscribe Media Savvy" in the subject line.

1. Tension, stress + fatigue can be heard in your voice. Go get a massage.

2. Authors-always take a copy or 2 of your book to the studio. The director may want to shoot it for your interview or you can give it away!

3. Soundbite advice for coaches: take the blame for problems, but give credit for success to the players. Do the opposite + you look like a jerk.

4. Research the reporters/hosts who are going to interview you. You will impress them with conversation starters and commonalities.

5. Imagine your company's worst nightmare happens. What do you say to the press? Did you have safeguards? Could you have prevented it?

6. Practice interviewing. Get a friend to ask you questions about your topic. Chances are the questions from a reporter will be similar!

7. Take a camera when you are an in-studio guest. Then email the photo with hosts to them. They will be flattered + may put you on website.

8. When a reporter asks you a question that can be answered "yes" or "no," he or she wants more. Say yes or no "and this is the reason why..."

9. Appearance tip: No matter your skin tone or coloring, you look professional on TV in navy blue.

10. What is the biggest mistake newsmakers commit? Saying "no comment." Get your side of the story out there!

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