Monday, March 21, 2011

More Soundbite Coach Tweet Tips

1. A guest for tomorrow's show called to check in, let me know he's in town + see if there were any last minute details to discuss. Nice touch!

2. A publicist called for Kevin. No Kevin at our station. She said, "So sorry. Let me pitch my client anyway." Not a good 1st impression.

3. When you send "10 Suggested Questions" to interviewer, include meaty questions. Lightweight questions include, "Where can we get your book?"

4. Always be nice to the makeup artist. He or she not only can make you look better, producers ask how newsmakers acted in the makeup room.

5. If you're an author, watch saying "in my book" repeatedly in your interviews. For those who haven't caught the title, it doesn't help much.

6. If you're a novelist, beware of interviewers who give your plot or surprise ending away! Have a response that makes people still want to buy!

7. A good interviewee has equal parts energy or passion and interesting content. Great information without energy puts listeners to sleep.

8. "News is what somebody somewhere doesn't want you to know. All the rest is advertising." Dan Rather

9. Make sure a host really, really loves you before you ask for a recommendation. And don't ask for it on letterhead. To do so is asking a lot.

10. Reporters are using Twitter to find news sources. What messages do your photo and profile send to the news media? You might want 2 accounts.

11. Reporters hate to talk on the phone. Be friendly, but be quick when you call. Don't avoid calls-they're a great way to stand out from email.

12. We had 2 no-show guests this week because publicists gave us the wrong phone numbers. Make sure shows have your correct number + get a back up for the studio.

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