Monday, March 21, 2011

Still More Soundbite Coach Tweet Tips

1. If you are short of breath while being interviewed, could be nerves. Ramp up your cardio exercise to help lungs: jogging is a great tool.

2. Clients asking more + more how to publicize on social media. Newspapers may by dying, but not dead yet! Headline ink still great promotion for your websites and packets.

3. A pet peeve: guest didn't even look to see what time our show started + kept calling to get "prepped" while we were already on air.

4. Twice already this week, 2 guests asked for ongoing segments on our show. Awkward spot-If a network wants you to be a regular, it will ask.

5. If you are on a media tour or a regular, consider having your own IFB (ear piece) made... it's not too expensive + you'll always know whose ear it's been in!

6. If your interview is bumped by breaking news, be gracious and you may get rescheduled on a slower news cycle.

7. For laryngitis before an interview, take Ricola-no alcohol-or Fisherman's Friend. Don't whisper, do drink warm water, and do consider a cortisone shot.

These are concise tips, since Twitter only gives you 140 characters. I've added some information to some of these, but if you have questions, please post them.

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