Thursday, May 31, 2007

National News Observations

Fewer of us are watching the evening newscasts. And the industry is buzzing because Charles Gibson has pulled into first place without all the hype and publicity that heralded Katie Couric's ascension to CBS.

Personally, I tend to watch ABC because our local affiliate's lead in newscast is so strong, and while I'm multi-tasking, I don't take time to go change the channel. But I'm a minority--more people are getting their news from the Internet, cable, or shows that spoof current events.

Charles Gibson did not want to lead the newscast with Jerry Falwell's death a couple of weeks ago. But he devoted lots of time tonight to the new Billy Graham Library. I'm a Billy Graham fan, so I'm not complaining. It just surprised me that Charles was so gentle. He glossed over or did not mention controversies that have followed the career of America's Pastor.

From a soundbite point of view, there are a couple of ways to look at this. If you get to be 88, revered as much as Graham, and someone opens a library for you, you might expect reporters to go easy on you.

Or, maybe national news anchors just like to report features now and then.

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