Monday, February 8, 2010

Marketing Ideas

Since I've looked at an estimated 20,000 press kits and press releases in my career and heard at least 2,000 pitches, my friends with small businesses often ask me for low-cost marketing or PR ideas. Here are a few strategies that might boost your bottom line in these trying times:

1. Include a "Press" or "Media" tab on your website. This is one of the first things reporters look for when they're researching whether to cover you. On this portion of your website, you can include press releases, a fact sheet, links to previous coverage, bios of key players and even photos.

2. Call or write your database. And by write, I mean send mail. We all get so many emails that it's too easy to delete ones that look impersonal. Send a postcard or a letter updating your list on services, accomplishments or products.

3. If you're reading this, you're probably already blogging, tweeting, facebooking or linking. If not, get started.

4. Attend the kind of meetings where you can tell people about your business. For women, there are ABWA and NAWBO chapters nationwide. Most communities have Optimist, Lion's, Rotary and lead-exchange meetings. Consider joining your Chamber of Commerce, too.

5. Write letters to the editor, articles and books. Get your name out there.

These are ways that may drum up business, but can also get the media's attention. I'd love to hear your tips, too! Let's help each other.

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