Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Listen for Cues

If you are being interviewed live, the interviewer or host will give you cues. Pick up on them. The interviewer will say, "In the 90 seconds we have left, tell us..." that means you have a whole minute and a half. Don't give a one-sentence answer, unless it takes you a minute to spit out a sentence.

And if the host says, "Quickly, before our break..." give your answer quickly. You will appear media savvy if you pick up the pace of your speech and avoid a "Well, uh, I was thinking that..." just answer.

If you are in the studio and there's chaos going on, just keep going unless you are stopped. For instance, lights can go out or hosts can choke, and if you're talking, the cameras may be avoiding the problems and be focusing on you. By keeping your cool, you're saving the program... and building your reputation as an excellent newsmaker or guest.

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