Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One Big Thing that Irks a Producer

Our producer came unglued a few weeks ago when a publicist walked into the control room (from the studio audience) near the end of the LIVE program and started handing him notes and telling him what to do. At many news stations and production facilities, an unauthorized person can't gain access to the control room, but I've worked at several places where visitors are encouraged to watch the sausage being made. If you're visiting a place like this, DO NOT interrupt a live technical crew... unless you are the paying client.

If the control room has a closed door on it, do not open the door unless you are invited in. If you are invited in, please be silent until asked a question.

So, why did our producer get so upset? The publicist was waving papers in front of him, and he couldn't see the computer buttons to give us our time cues for the end of the show, so we kept talking and the program was over! It was ugly. That publicist and her clients won't be asked back.

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