Monday, March 24, 2008

Things That Irk an Interviewer

Recently, a newsmaker hit the trifecta. That's right, he committed three sins in one short interview. First, when I was introducing him in a live setting, he corrected information HE GAVE ME from his bio, as in "I'm not really living there yet. I'm in City X." Well, then, don't put City Y in the document you send me. And why bring it up anyway when time is short and you're trying to sell books?

Second, he was slow putting sentences together. So when my colleague tried to help him out, the guest asked, "Well, what do you expect when it's 5:30 am?" Don't accept early morning interviews if you're not a morning lark. And worse, if you do, don't complain about it. No one is holding a gun to your head.

Third, in response to three questions, the fellow said, "Well, my co-author is really the expert on that. Here's what I think he would say..." If you can't speak for your co-author, don't accept the interview.

I'm not mad at the guest. He just needs coaching. I'm mad at the publicist who told me this guy was high-energy and articulate. He was neither.

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