Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reporters are Human, Too

You may want to argue this one, if you've been in the midst of a reporter feeding frenzy, and you were the fresh meat.

That's a different situation we can talk about later.

But many of you just want to know how to become an expert in a journalist's database, so that he or she calls you for a comment or quote every time there's a story in your field.

It's the "Relationship to the R Factor" Principle. You have to establish a relationship with a reporter. Start out by sending your book, your white paper or your one-page to the reporter with your business card attached and a note that says, "If you find yourself covering a story on this topic and can use me for a quote (newspaper) or a soundbite (broadcast), I'd love to work with you."

When a reporter does seek you out and put you in the paper or on the air, send a thank you note to the reporter and a complimentary letter to the reporter's boss.

Reporters are human and will respond to kindness.

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