Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Happy Meeting Partner

When your client is happy, it makes you happy, too. One reason the following letter sent after a presentation last month means so much to me is that David had been part of a media training workshop ten years ago, and he remembered me, as mentioned below.

I'm not just saying it to be nice -- you did a fabulous job! You brought a lot of value, entertained the audience, and they all left with great information and action items. I also appreciate the generous way you shared the stage and worked with Jim Hinshaw. You guys crafted a wonderful presentation! BTW, the editor in chief of Contracting Business Magazine was in the audience and he said you did a great job too.

I think I told you this, but in case I didn't... Years ago when we were all at PRIMEDIA you did a Media Training seminar for all of the managers. I thought it was great. You gave us terrific techniques and the right way to think about working with the media. So when we were talking about this event, and the idea of teaching about the media, you were the first person to come to mind. I told everyone that you were THE person to do it. You didn't let me down; it was great.

I hope we have another opportunity to work with you.


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