Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meaty Questions

As a newsmaker or guest on a talk show, you want to have a list of questions for the reporter or host. You can reframe these as "talking points" if you like.

I recommend that you have a list and title it, "10 Suggested Questions." You don't want the reporter to think that you're doing anything other than suggesting a line of questioning. Some interviewers are so slammed, they will go straight down the list, asking each one in order. Others won't even look at your list. Some may pick and choose questions from the list.

When you come up with this list, put good questions on it. By that, I mean meaty questions or ones of substance. If you only put lightweight questions on the list, you lose credibility as a newsmaker. For instance, a non-meaty question would be, "Where can people buy your book?" or "Why did you write the book?" You are likely to be asked those questions anyway, so make your ten questions count.

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